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Regina Sanchez, Professional Organizer

Professional Organizer
Windsor, Connecticut 06095

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I bring peace into your home and profitability into your business.

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Business Name Regina Sanchez, Professional Organizer
Position President/Owner
Year Established: 2013
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Windsor, CT 06095
United States
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Year Established 2013
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About Regina Sanchez, Professional Organizer

Photo Organization Where are your paper photos? Are they in boxes in the attic or basement? Or are they in magnetic albums that will disintegrate your photos over time? Have you downloaded your digital photos from your camera or phone? Do you think Facebook is a great place to store them? Don’t take the chance of losing these precious memories. I can help get you organized with your paper and digital photos . Home Office/Small Business Is your office so cluttered that you have moved onto the kitchen or dining room table? Do you know that being disorganized can impact profitability? Well, I’m here to help get you back into your office and be more profitable in your business or personal finances. Residential Do you know that the average American spends about 55 minutes a day (about 12 weeks a year) looking for items they know they own but can’t find? Are you one of them? Are your closets so full you can’t find an outfit to wear each day? Are you buying food and then realizing you have multiples of the same in your pantry … you just couldn’t find it? Well I’m here to help sort through your closets, pantries and even rooms to bring you “From Chaos to Order”. Rightsizing Seniors Does the thought of making a transition to a new residence seem stressful for you or your parents? Are your parents in one State and you are in another and the thought of navigating them to their new home seems overwhelming, if not impossible? Well I’m here to relieve those stresses and bring peace back into your lives. Students/Home Education Are you thinking of making a shift from public/private education to home schooling but don’t know where to start? Do you feel like you need to set up your home like a “classroom”? Are your children already involved in so many activities that you can’t imagine making this shift to home education? Well, I’m here to help smooth that transition for you. Organizing for Disaster Were you affected by Hurricane Sandy? Do you know family or friends affected by the tornadoes in Joplin or Moore? Are you prepared for disaster should it strike your home? Don’t let natural, unnatural or terrorist attacks catch you off guard. I can help get you to that place of preparedness.


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