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Professional Organizer
Woodbridge, Virginia 22191

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Professional organizing will breathe new life into your home or office.

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Business Name ICU Organized
Position Professional Organizer
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Phone Number 571-659-4911
Woodbridge, VA 22191
United States
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Year Established 2015

About ICU Organized

Signs and symptoms that may indicate  - it's time to hire a professional organizer.

  • When the systems you have in place in your home or office are no longer sustainable and are in desperate need of some life support.
  • When you begin to hyper-ventilate the minute you look at the stack of papers piling up on your desk
  • When you open your child’s bedroom door and feel the need to send a search party out for them.
  • When your kitchen has become as congested as a Northern Virginia traffic jam.
  • When trying to find an item in your house becomes a lot like trying to find a parking space in DC.
If you can identify with any of these indicators you may be wondering what your options are. Well…You can suck it up and continue to tell yourself that it really isn’t that bad.  That as soon as you find the time and the energy, you’ll get right to it.  Just remember to book mark this site for future reference. If nothing else it will be useful for another good laugh. Laughter really is good medicine. You can put a bandage on it and have your family and friends help you clear away as much of the clutter as you can and cover up the rest. But when the bandage comes off, it is usually a little painful.  At this point it might be better to stick with the suck it up option. or You can hire a professional organizer who can offer a viable cure and get you and your family in a position of thriving and not just surviving. A professional organizer is someone who helps you to get organized in a variety of ways in your home or office. They create systems that are sustainable that freely flow with your lifestyle.  A good system will save you time, reduce stress, and be easy for you to maintain on your own.